June 20, 2024

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BetMGM And NHL Extend Collaboration For Multiple Years

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BetMGM has expanded its association with the National Hockey League. With the support of NHI imagery, they now want to introduce exclusive and interesting exposure for hockey enthusiasts, as well as produce casino games involving professional teams and the top hockey leagues. This will be broadcast nationally.

BetMGM is a well-known iGaming operator that works with the NHL to manage its sports wagering and gaming activities.

According to Adam Greenblatt, the CEO of BetMGM, this partnership extension will allow them to improve their products even more and give their customers access to a wider variety of enticing gaming options. Furthermore, the application will feature the introduction of its most recent in-app content.

As per the agreement, BetMGM stands to gain significantly from the brand recognition that the televised broadcasts will provide. This will continue for the duration of the NHL regular season and into the Stanley Cup Playoffs, where advertisements will be displayed in virtual space on the ice during hockey games as well as on digitally magnified dashboards.

In the words of the Vice President of Business Development of the NHL, Jason Jayazeri, this extension will prove to be highly beneficial to all concerned, most of all for the gamers who engage in hockey betting. They will now take advantage of the situation by delivering more than they can imagine to the enthusiast.

Both BetMGM and the NHL place significant emphasis on the importance of responsible wagering. Additionally, they are affiliated with the Have a Game Plan and Bet Responsibly program of the American Gaming Association. This action represents a significant stride in raising awareness about the dangers and consequences associated with excessive gaming, thereby protecting their interests.

Meanwhile, BetMGM continues to expand its operations into more profitable markets while upholding the principle of responsible gambling and strict adherence to established regulations. In pursuit of this objective, the organization has implemented its BetMGM Resorts-approved GameSense program, which was developed and certified by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation. By means of the integration into MetMGM’s desktop and mobile platforms, players will be granted access to the GameSense exposure initiative, which the company has pioneered.

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