June 20, 2024

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Dwayne Sluis Walks Off With 65,830 Euros In Winnings

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Dwayne Sluis, who qualified online, won 65,830 euros at the 2023 Unibet Open Bucharest Main Event. It was a 1,000-euro main event that ended on December 3, 2023. The JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel hosted the event.

The final game on the third day witnessed players returning, among them 360, who kicked off the tournament. The end of seven grueling hours saw Dwayne Sluis become the winner after ousting Ivan Alin Constantin. Sluis claimed the trophy and 65,830 euros. Robert Burlacu finished third, winning 31,400 euros, and Dragos Anton finished fourth, winning 25,420 euros.

According to the poker news, Sluis qualified for the main event after winning a package online. Towards the beginning of the final game, the situation was not going in his favor. However, he held strong to his aim of winning the tournament, and his relentless patience finally began to pay off. It was an exciting moment for him to have won the trophy, as his family was very much in attendance. In his opinion, Bucharest turned out to be a lucky spot for him.

The final game saw Ivan Alin Constantin, Bjorn Samuelsson, Bart Van Dijk, and Sluis in the competition. Sorin Flutur exited, being in ninth place and winning 6,770 euros. Samuelson soon followed him and took away 8,260 euros. Max Broens was next with a winning of 11,230 euros.

Bart van Dijk was next, leaving the table with 15,300 euros, closely followed by Eduard Norel, who won 20,030 euros. Dagos Anton left with 25,420 euros, with Burlacu right behind him with 31,400 euros. Playing away were Sluis and Constantin. However, soon it was time for Constantine, leaving Sluis holding the trophy and 65,830 euros at the 2023 Unibet Open Bucharest.

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