June 20, 2024

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Fjreis Wins The $25 Main Event Mystery Bounty

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Fjreis emerged victorious in the $25 Main Event Mystery Bounty competition hosted by 888poker at KO Games. He was awarded the winnings, amounting to $11,330.

This occurred after he confronted and_ortega and defeated him. AELike_it_3 achieved a third-place finish. Bkira finished in fourth place. The entire two-hour poker game was observed at the final table, where Thai was present. The aggregate reward pool amounted to $200,000.

The one who was playing the best was BLRRF, who had exited the final table and stood in the 49th position. However, they took home the amount of $20,000, which was a worthwhile investment. Zendayushka stood in the 79th place, along with sibita.san in the 338th position. Both together collected $6,000.

According to the poker news, at the start of the second day, ef1M95 was eliminated and positioned 761st. In his absence, there were only eight participants remaining. Despite making it to the final table, KiddPT was ultimately trounced by and_ortega. Following that, VL1fish3BV departed and retreated to the seventh position. Kvick88 quit soon after, followed by VArabia.

It was now Bikira’s turn to leave, as he was in fourth position. AELlike_it_3 stepped up against fjreis but was shoved out. In the decisive segment of the game, fjreis emerged victorious against and_ortega, securing a profit of $8,077. fjreis emerged victorious, securing the $11,330 grand prize, in the 29th installment of the $25 Main Event Mystery Bounty.

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