July 12, 2024

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NFL Releases The Dates For The Las Vegas Raiders’ Offseason Program

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The final dates for the Las Vegas Raiders and the other 32 teams’ off-season program in 2024 have been formally released by the National Football League (NFL). The program, which will start on April 15 for the LV Raiders, is a crucial component of the team’s preparation.

Three phases will be included in the off-season program:

Phase 1 will occur in the first two weeks and will include only physical rehabilitation, meetings, and strength and conditioning.

Phase 2 will be followed in the next three weeks, allowing on-field drills and workouts. However, live contact as well as drills for team offense versus team defense will not be permitted.

Phase 3 will be the next four weeks, allowing 10 days of organized team practice activities, or OTAs, where live contact will not be allowed. However, 7-on-7, 9-on-7, and 11-on-11 on-field drills will be permitted.

The Las Vegas Raiders need to hit the NFL draft, choose players along with their undrafted free agents to fill their roster, and get ready to hit the ground running for the off-season program. It will be slightly different for the Raiders this year, as the team is expected to work their tails off and make the next leap.

Before the NFL Draft, on April 25–27, but not before week three of the offseason exercise program, or after a week of Phase 1 activity that the clubs may hold, new head coaches will be allowed to lead one more mini-camp for volunteer veterans.

It should be noted that the Raiders team’s off-season program will differ from the previous two, which were run by the exceedingly conservative Josh McDaniels.

The rookie minicamp dates will be finalized only after the 2024 National Football League draft.

Offseason ProgramDatesFirst DayApril 15OTA Offseason WorkoutsMay 20-21, May 23, May 28-29, and June 3-6Mandatory MinicampJune 11-13

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