June 20, 2024

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NFL Sets The Light On Thanksgiving Day

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Thanksgiving Day clashes left fans with a mix of emotions—happy and sad. The Lions fell short by 22-29 versus the Packers, while the Cowboys gained a massive win of 45-10 over the Commanders. The table is, nonetheless, not as affected as fans thought it would be. The Lions are at the top of the NFC North chart, while the Cowboys are rallying in the 2nd position on the NFC East list.

The 49ers did not disappoint and went for a shot as high as 31 for a mirrored losing score for the Seahawks.

According to the sports news, the Detroit Lions are still at 8-3 in their aggregate tally as the Green Bay make efforts to inch upward from 5-6. It was an energetic run in the opening quarter itself, with the Packers accumulating more than 50% of their total tally. Their 20-point intake stood against six scored by the opponent, who were then dropped to zero in the following quarter.

It was only in the second half that the Packers thought of taking things easy. Detroit attempted to go as close as possible; however, the Lions were way stronger than their imagination.

Given that Washington scored a meager 10 points in the second quarter alone, it is reasonable to infer that the final result between Dallas and Washington was beyond excuse. The Cowboys answered each query during every segment of the game with the possible exception of the third quarter, which occurred during a halftime break.

The conclusion came at 25 points in the last lap, with Dak Prescott coming out as the leader with his performance of four touchdowns. He ran for a total of 331 yards.

San Francisco took a deep breath when Seattle went all aggressive right after coming from break time. They were still leading by 11 points and only had a minor edge to gain for the victory. Brock continued with a single TD and one interception for 209 yards. He was nearly matched by the top performer on the Seahawks, Geno Smith. He bagged 1 interception and 180 years to his record.

Moving forward, the upcoming games will see the Jets and the Dolphins lock horns at MetLife Stadium. Another event to look out for is between the Colts and the Buccaneers at Lucas Oil Stadium.

At the conclusion of Week 12/18, the Bears and Vikings will share US Bank Stadium. It could be an exciting conclusion, similar to how Week 11/18 concluded. The Eagles’ performance in the final quarter came close to preventing their decline. Jalen Hurts accumulated a meager 150 yards on 14 of 22 passes with one interception. This, however, was in stark contrast to Patrick’s 177 yards, 2 touchdowns, and 1 interception, in addition to his 24-43 record.

Fans are relieved to have seen a storm of emotions on Thanksgiving Day, courtesy of the NFL and the nature of the game.

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