June 20, 2024

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Stakelogic Introduces Industry-First Super Wheel™ Across Network

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Prominent gaming software developers, including Stakelogic and Stakelogic Live, have recently introduced the Super Wheel™. An innovative characteristic that merges Stakelogic’s premium slots with a live casino bonus wheel, providing players with one-of-a-kind opportunities to win valuable rewards and bonuses. It will be fully implemented across the network soon, which will unquestionably enhance the overall experience for players around the world.

An element that sets the game apart is “The Super Wheel,” which is a variable component that can be activated at any moment during gameplay. This thrilling add-on is present on many Stakelogic’s slots. Then, players enter an active Stakelogic Live studio where they encounter a large money wheel composed of 54 sections offering enticing multipliers and magnificent rewards, in addition to three enticing bonus options.

In a surprising ending, the host becomes the main character and spins Super Wheel™ for their fate. Extra provisions make gameplay more exciting and ensure player enjoyment. Three bonus activation points are on the Super Wheel. Players enter their private studio with one click after pressing the “Play” button.

Players can enjoy one of the additional features known as Vegas Drops™. This aspect allows gamers to maximize their multiples on different reels and have a higher possibility of winning. The Vegas Diamonds™ award offers ten free spins and symbols with multipliers up to 50 times the initial bet. Finally, Vegas Hold ‘N’ Spin is a re-spin round that requires various symbols to keep going and earn more.

The Super Wheel™ offers participants the opportunity to acquire enormous winnings. With an RTP of about 93%, this game ensures that the majority of players’ wagers will result in payouts. Moreover, with a hit frequency of one per every 75 rounds, it provides an exceptionally high likelihood of achieving lucrative combinations. As a result, the Super Wheel™ function emerges as a stimulating and lucrative component within the realm of wagering.

Stephan van den Oetelaar, the chief executive officer of Stake Logic, expressed his delight and modesty regarding the comprehensive rollout of the “Super Wheel™” feature throughout the entire network. By integrating live casino technology with Stakelandic’s cutting-edge slot features, this product offers an unparalleled gaming experience that surpasses all others in the current gambling industry.

Using these two verticals gives Stakelogic unique game play and boosts its market position. The company intends to measure gamers’ reactions to this unique service, which the global gaming community eagerly awaits.

Finally, the Super Wheel™ has marked a significant advance in the gaming industry by Stakelogic and Stakelogic Live. This additional, interesting one will allow users multiple jackpots, bonus features, and other benefits. The Super Wheel™ feature has good odds and engaging gameplay, so it will change the gaming experience and set high standards of innovation and excitement in the gaming industry. Spinning the Super Wheel offers players a remarkable experience that sets out to create the possibility of massive prizes.

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